#827 Bead, magnesite, blue-green, 6x4mm rondelle. Sold per bead.

#827 Bead, magnesite, blue-green, 6x4mm rondelle. Sold per bead.

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The mineral magnesite (magnesium carbonate) has the same crystal structure as calcite (calcium carbonate). It typically forms when magnesium-rich rocks are exposed to carbonate solutions. Magnesite is typically white, but ranges from colorless to gray or tan. Some refer to it as "chalk turquoise" or "white turquoise," but magnesite is not related to turquoise. For hundreds of years, many Native Americans, including the Pomo people of California, crafted magnesite into beads used as jewelry and currency. Magnesite beads were considered quite valuable and were traded individually, instead of by the strand like most money beads. Magnesite is said to assist in creative visualization, help bring peace in meditation and stimulate passion. It is also believed to help strengthen the bones and teeth, and to help lessen the symptoms of PMS. Magnesite is found around the world, including much of Europe, Africa, Brazil, China, Korea and the U.S.A

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