Sanibel Bracelet


#ES-1013 – 6mm white ab glass beads (11 beads)
#ES-1004 – 10mm seafoam frosted beads (4 beads)
#ES-2003 – 10mm antique silver pewter morning glory flower bead caps (8 beads)
#ES-2006 – 6mm antique silver pewter carved saucer beads (5 beads)
#ES-4020 – Antique silver Starfish connector (1 connector)
#ES-5004 – Silver plated 7x8mm curb chain (3” piece)
#99918 – 6mm antique silver pewter daisy spacer beads (12 beads)
#70607 – Antique silver Fish Toggle Clasp (1 clasp)
#11103 – 6mm silver plated jumprings (1)
#30928 – Tiger tail stringing wire.
#81102 – Silver plated crimp beads (1)

How to make:

·         Attach chain to one side of the connector.

·         Cut a piece of tiger tail wire (8-9” to give you some working room).

·         String #99918 (12 beads) and #ES-1013 (11 beads) on one side of the wire.

·         String #ES-1004 (4 beads), #ES-2006 (4 beads) and #ES-2003 bead caps on the other side of the wire.

·         Finish off with bringing both ends of the tiger tail through one #ES-2006 beads.

·         Pull both wires through the crimp bead, attached the bar of the clasp and loop back through the crimp bead.  Firmly crimp the crimp bead. String the remaining wire back through one side of the tiger tail for extra security.  Cut off any extra tiger tail.

·         Add the jumpring to the end of the chain.  Attached fish portion of the toggle.

Enjoy your gorgeous new bracelet!